Leapstrap brings Leap interaction to your web site in an easy to use HTML 5 framework, eliminating the need for installing Airpsace apps.

You can use it as a quick way to utilize Leap Motion controllers on any web page. Leapstrap 1.0 was released in October 2013 by Alex Wilkes.

These videos might give you a better idea of what Leapstrap is about.

Leapstrap Overview
Leapstrap In-depth


1.1.0 - 19 Jan 2014

Updated to latest versions of Leap libraries


First release

Current Features

Work List

Item Description
Content / Image Carousel Need to improve the image carousel so that it does not follow the hyperlink

Leapstrap is maintained by Alex Wilkes, built upon a community of projects, designers and developers.

Get involved with Leapstrap development by opening an issue or submitting a pull request.